Group Programs

Start your parenting journey together

Did You Know?

Our Group Programs are designed to address the emotional and educational needs of prenatal and parenting youth. We offer a variety of FREE weekly group programs including:

  • Parenting Programs
    Multi-week programs that focus on specific aspects of parenting and personal development, such as attachment, resiliency, positive parenting, healthy relationships and self-empowerment.
  • Workshops
    Sessions cover specialized topics such as early literacy, budgeting, mental wellness, and more. Some workshops are interactive with mom and child, others are just for moms.
  • Socials
    Special occasion gatherings (when safety restrictions allow) that bring participants together to celebrate occasions like Mother’s Day, cultural holidays, back to school, and more.
  • Talk Cafe
    Participants discuss what is happening in their lives, including successes, challenges, concerns, and more.  The format of Talk Cafe is continually informed by the feedback that comes out of the sessions.

Who Can Participate?

Mothers and mother-figures of any age living in York Region.

Contact Information

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